Lupa Romana and Hruomwulfa: A Reconstruction, Part II

Part II. The Frankish Context: Hruomwulfa Link to Part I Reconstructed Frankish theonym:Hruomwulfa  Based on the name elements Hruom (PGmc *hrōmiz, “glory,” and “fame,” which also came to be associated with the homophonic “Rome”) and wulf (PGmc *wulfaz “wolf”)  Introduction The she-wolf’s relevance at the provinces shows that the motif of the she-wolf was a … Continue reading Lupa Romana and Hruomwulfa: A Reconstruction, Part II

On Passive Ancestors

Ancestor worship is typically considered to be a staple of Heathenry. Yet, many Heathens struggle with this—some have ancestors who committed terrible acts in life, others have ancestors who reject their own veneration. But what about when the ancestors are silent? Up until recently, I had no insight into my ancestors’ relationship to me and … Continue reading On Passive Ancestors

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